Court reporting has been an important part of the litigation process since as early as 63 B.C. It is understood that the preservation of the spoken word is essential. Court reporting, also known as stenography, is sadly a dying art in the United States, seeing as the technology is changing and court reporters are aging out of the National Court Reporterís Association. Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm has a mission- and that is to keep the art of court reporting alive by providing superb court reporting services. Eagle Court Reporting is locally owned and operated, not part of a big national chain of court reporting firms. Being a small local company, we strive to really get to know you and your firm. We want to create the most personalized experience for you, so you know that you can really trust us. We have locations in Huntsville, Montgomery, Birmingham, and even Mobile. There are many court reporting firms out there, but none of them will provide you with the service that Eagle Court Reporting will. We offer much more than other court reporting firms in Alabama. One of our main goals is to keep our clients satisfied.

We will always go above and beyond for our customers, and we also offer gifts to our clients who return to us! Eagle Court Reporting has a points program that allows you to receive points for each deposition you schedule with us and cash them in for a gift card! If you schedule your first deposition with us, you will also receive a free video conference, and we know how costly those can be, but not if you schedule with Eagle Court Reporting! Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama Court Reporting Firm, offers videography services as well as reporting services. We have in-house videographers who are on standby ready to videotape your deposition. Our videographers are skilled in different types of video technology and they will do their production in-house. We only use the highest quality video equipment so that you can have the clearest picture and audio in your video deposition. As well as videography, we offer legal photography services. We are available to take photos that you may need to win your case. Eagle Court Reporting provides services like the ones listed above, and others such as exhibit linking, which allows you to link your exhibits to your electronic transcript, exhibit scanning, which allows you to receive your copies of the original exhibits in PDF format, and also legal copy services so that you can have copies made and delivered to you for whatever you may need. Eagle Court Reporting is your one-stop-shop for all your litigation support needs.

We are fast, efficient, and high quality, and we believe that if you choose Eagle Court Reporting, you wonít have to choose another court reporting firm. Our owner has over 30 years of experience in the litigation support industry, so you can feel confident knowing that our staff is well versed in multiple different kinds of software and many different technologies that allow us to do what we do Alabama Court Reporting. Our staff is made up of many highly qualified and intelligent individuals who are ready to help you with your questions and concerns. When you call us, youíre sure to get a friendly voice on the phone every time. We are always eager to assist clients and welcome new ones. Eagle Court Reporting has a passion for serving our community, and that is exactly what we aim to do. We utilize RB8, which is the standard reporter base software in the industry. Through RB8, we can access client records and reporter jobs that have been completed and even ones that have not been completed yet. Our clients can use the free online repository feature that RB8 offers so that they can access their transcripts and exhibit files any time they wish.

Eagle Court Reporting also offers a free online scheduling system for our clients so they can schedule a deposition from their computer instead of having to call us. The job is automatically entered and put on our web calendar, so you have ensured a time slot. Eagle Court Reportingís court reporters are dedicated to their craft and well versed in the many different types of technology that is available for them to utilize. We strive to uphold our fantastic standards and continue providing our clients with the highest quality transcripts and video depositions. We will not accept any less than the best. Eagle Court Reporting is a firm dedicated to keeping clients satisfied and building stable working relationships with our partners. We will always go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. We offer peace of mind and top-quality transcripts.

Eagle Court Reporting is accurate, timely, and we have a wonderful and knowledgeable team of staff members that work hard to create a positive working environment and sustain those stable working relationships I mentioned before. We are hard-working and reliable. Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm, is a name you can trust. We serve the entire state of Alabama and the entire country. We have conference rooms located in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Auburn, Opelika, and even Mobile, so you never have to travel far to take your deposition. We believe that every attorney deserves a dependable and timely court reporter to take their depositions and trial jobs. We will only turn in a transcript that has been looked over multiple times for mistakes. Once it has been thoroughly checked, the deposition is ready to be sent back to you. Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm, is available even after hours for urgent questions and concerns, such as forgetting to schedule a deposition during the day. (This has indeed happened before.) We will always be available to assist you and we are excited to do so. We would love to hear from you! Give us a call at 344-466-8000 or email us at Thank you!