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It has always been our mission to provide each and every client with the most accurate and high-quality transcripts, delivered however and whenever requested, with fairness to all parties to a case. No matter how large or small your case, how simple or complex your needs, you can count on Eagle Court Reporting Service to provide you with the most complete court reporting services available anywhere, locally or nationally. Eagle Court Reporting is a hands-on firm, and we commit to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our reporters are dedicated to speed and accuracy and guarantee delivery of our work in a timely fashion.

If you are a paralegal at a law firm or a secretary at a law firm, we encourage you to go and look up our company on Google to read what our valued clients are saying about working with our firm.

We will meet your timeframe for delivering the deposition and client satisfaction is our highest priority. We provide expedited transcripts if that is requested for your case.

Electronic Transcripts

Many times a case will not require paper transcripts as the industry is moving in a more digital direction. We are able to cater to a wider variety of law firms for their deposition and court reporting needs by offering cutting edge technology through electronic and digital transcripts.
Eagle Court Reporting offers a variety of preferred formats for deposition transcripts (ASCII, RealLegal.PTX, and Adobe.PDF). E-Transcripts are the industry standard for creating, delivering, and viewing legal deposition transcripts.

E-Transcripts have many features which ASCII files lack. The most obvious differences are the keyword index feature that enables you to access specifics from your transcript and a search feature which gives you the power to find keywords throughout the entire legal transcript. With E-Transcripts, you no longer have a need for a hard copy, and you can easily access it on the go. You can access an E-Transcript through email, CD, Data disc, or the online repository.

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Video Depositions

When the written word isn’t enough, let our visual services work for you! Legal video depositions are an essential part of the litigation process. Having a video deposition allows you to gather and review the testimony to best determine your future course of action. Video depositions can also reveal body language and emotions that cannot be detected in written transcripts and can be the key to winning your case.

Our in house legal video specialists offer state-of-the-art services, video depositions, video synchronized transcripts, time stamping, video editing, and video duplication of various video formats. Our videographers are always early to set up, and will be ready when you are. With crystal clear audio and video, you can’t compete with Eagle Court Reporting’s video deposition service. Put our team of professional videographers to work for you.

In addition to video depositions, the video department of Eagle Court Reporting can provide coverage for other needs, such as Board Meetings, City Council Meetings, arbitration and mediation, “Day in the Life” scenarios and even weddings.

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Professional Photography Services

Location Photography for Property Damage, Accident Sites, and Natural Disasters
In certain situations like accident scenes or land line disputes, a case might require special photography. We offer arial and location-specific photography if requested by a client for their case. In order to account for the proper documentation of natural disasters and accidents that occur we offer location-specific video and photography services for situation that need to be documented.

Enlargement Duplication
We can provide high quality and high resolution “blow ups” of any photographs for presenting in court.

Scanning of Photographs into Digital Format
It is very common for our clients to already have data including photographs that need to be incorporated as exhibits into the transcripts that we provide. Our team is able to complete this task for our clients as part of our services.

Photo Editing & Clips
In the event that the photos required for a case have erroneous portions that are not relevant to the case, our team will edit them or clip out the area that is not relevant to keep your case focused and on topic.

Eagle Photography
Eagle Court Reporting utilizes professional digital photography equipment to ensure the highest quality results for law firms, insurance companies and corporations.

Our photographers can handle any photography job, including shooting maritime, eminent domain or taking personal injury photographs. We use the best photography equipment in the industry. Whether a picture needs to be captured, duplicated or converted, Eagle Court Reporting has the equipment and experience to get it done right.

Conference Facilities

If you are coming to our area we know that the extra step of having to locate a quality conference room for your deposition is time away from your highest and best uses of time at your law firm. This is why we have researched the area and determined the best possible conference rooms for our clients. These are available to all of our clients upon request. Some of the features we like to secure for our clients in these conference rooms offer the latest technology and quality in video conferencing equipment.

Enjoy taking a deposition anywhere in the world from the comforts of one of our conference rooms, conveniently located in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville and Auburn. Our state of the art conference facilities are equipped with the latest high-speed IP video conference unit from PolyCom and large displays. The system is capable of handling multiple IP connections while at the same time delivering high resolution video and sound. Using high resolution video will give you a sense of being face to face with the deponent, without the headache of travel and being away from your office for an extended period of time. To book our conference room, please give us a call at 334.466.8000.

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Synchronized Digital Video Transcripts

After the videotaped deposition, Eagle Court Reporting can synchronize your legal video content with the transcript allowing you to simultaneously view both video and text. Synchronized video will also give you the ability to quickly search through the video using keywords, highlight text and make video clips. You can also export clips of your synchronized video to Powerpoint, making presentations much simpler.

Many modern law firms prefer not to call witnesses when arguing their case. Video is a wonderful tool that can allow them to present their witnesses in a more efficient and controlled manner. At Eagle Court Reporting we pride ourselves on providing high quality video so that everything that is said during a deposition can be undeniable in court.

Trial Director Consulting
TrialDirector is a software that allows you to organize exhibits and depositions and prepare cases for trial. Our TrialDirector consultants offer you the ability to load your entire case exhibits and presentation on to a laptop for portability and easy presentation in the courtroom during trial. The software has allowed the paralegals at our clients law firms to increase their efficiency in the courtroom by orders of magnitude, eliminating the need for volumes and volumes of paper documents and various exhibits.

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