Having a capable court reporter can change your chances of winning your case for the better. Court reporters are an important asset to the process of litigation. Choosing a court reporting firm with which to network with can be difficult, since you might not be sure which firm will provide you the best final product. If you are having trouble searching for a good firm, look no further than Eagle Court Reporting. Eagle provides the best court reporters in the state of Alabama Court Reporting, but we donít just limit ourselves to our state. We do work all across the country, so you can feel secure that you will get a qualified and experienced reporter taking your deposition. Court reporters can put their skills to work in other settings besides a courtroom. A court reporter can use their certification to become CART reporters, which assist the hearing impaired, or they can even provide captioning for TV programs like the news and late night talk shows. Court reporting is not only essential in a legal setting, but it is an important part of our world today.

Reporters must be skilled and very diligent with their work, and reporting requires a lot of extensive training. Nearly 90 percent of court reporters drop out of school before they graduate, simply because the work is too stressful. Our court reporters are among the ten percent of students to graduate and receive their RPR certification, and that is why you can trust Eagle Court Reporting. We can confidently say that our reporters are among the most qualified and experienced in the country. With the constant change of technology in todayís modern society, our ways of preserving the record must also change. You can count on Eagle Court Reporting to always have the most technologically advanced Alabama Court Reporting, so we can give you the best finished product. Our customers and clients are our top priority here at Eagle Court Reporting. Other Alabama court reporting firms claim to be the best there is, but Eagle Court Reporting provides things those other firms canít do. Eagle Court Reporting will travel to you. Scheduling a deposition in Montgomery?

We can cover it. We are willing to travel any distance for our customers. We have conference rooms conveniently located in Montgomery, Auburn, Huntsville, Birmingham, and even Mobile. We also offer video deposition services. Our in-house videographers produce everything here, so you never have to worry about pieces of your video being lost. Our team of experienced staff are here to help make the steps of litigation easier for you. Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama Court Reporting firm, goes above and beyond for our clients every time. We strive to center our focus around the customer, and we will accommodate every need that they may have. Our owner here at Eagle Court Reporting has over 30 years of experience in this field, so you can trust that we are highly knowledgeable about the importance of Alabama Court Reporting. We are always learning new techniques and updating our own technology so that we can provide the best possible product for our clients at a fair price. We value our clients so much that we even have incentives for scheduling depositions with us.

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If you schedule your first deposition with Eagle Court Reporting, you get a free video conference! We promise complete satisfaction with our service, and if you arenít completely satisfied, we will do whatever is in our power to work with you on improving our product in whatever way that may be. Our staff is helpful and dedicated to what we do. Any time you call, you are guaranteed to get a friendly voice on the phone. We even make ourselves available after hours so that you can ask questions or make last minute requests. We donít know of another Alabama Court Reporting firm that can do that! Eagle Court Reporting is the most popular court reporting firm in the state of Alabama Court Reporting, and if you donít believe us, you should read our hundreds of five star reviews. We have never had a client that was dissatisfied with our work, and that is why we pride ourselves on being the top reporting firm in the state. Not only do we provide deposition services, but we also provide legal copy and exhibit scanning services.

You wonít be disappointed with Eagle Court Reporting. Eagle Court Reporting is the leading reporting firm in the state of Alabama, and for a good reason. We are fast, friendly, and have many years of experience in the world of litigation support. We know what we are doing here at Eagle Court Reporting. Our reporters are dedicated to getting their jobs turned around in a timely manner, and they always provide the most accurate transcripts for their clients. Accuracy is our passion here at Eagle Court Reporting. There is no use for a transcript that is not 100 percent accurate. We understand that attorneys and paralegals are busy, often too busy to even talk on the phone. That is why Eagle Court Reporting is always on standby to take care of whatever your needs may be. We are one call or one click away. Eagle Court Reporting is the epitome of client care. We make that our focus.

We will bend over backwards for recurring clients and even new ones too. We have a trained team of personable staff who are always ready to be at your service. This is something a lot of Alabama Court Reporting Firms canít promise you. We only use the industry standard in Alabama Court Reporting and equipment, so you can be assured that you will receive a high quality product without worrying about printing mishaps or spelling mistakes. Eagle Court Reporting is locally owned and operated, not just a chain of reporting firms across the country. We are friendly and personable. We hope you choose Eagle Court Reporting. We would love to hear from you! Give us a call at 334-466-8000, or send us an email. Thank you for choosing Eagle Court Reporting!