If the need to schedule an international deposition arises, your first consideration may be the extensive costs attached to such an endeavor. So much logistical preparation is required in this type of undertaking that the normal thought process is to seek measures to simplify the entire process. Will, there need to be a translator involved, who should attend the deposition, the amount of travel time required both to and from the deposition, hotel accommodations, the site to hold the deposition, arranging a court reporter and the costs associated with their travel and will we need a videographer and how should that be handled, all these arrangements must be made, and Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm can handle every detail for you. The savvy planner will first consider the appropriateness of using a videographer and having him or her set up a videoconference.

If, in fact a videoconference is appropriate, many of the aforementioned questions can be answered in one simple step. By using an international videoconference, you save yourself the expense of travel and lodging and the travel time which can be extended for traveling overseas. Not to mention the hassle of international travel in clearing customs and being required to have a passport. Also, many court reporters are not willing or certified to conduct international depositions and trying to locate one may be a large problem. There are several things to consider to determine if an international videoconference if right for you and your particular circumstance. First, how long will the deposition last? If your answer is less than four hours, you are probably on the right track. Does the deponent speak English? If your answer is yes, then again you are looking good for a videoconference, since the time you must allow for a deposition which involves an interpreter will normally double.

Is there a small number of exhibits? Again, your situation fits the bill for a videoconference, and Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm can help. The need to present numerous exhibits can become cumbersome and not especially conducive to a prompt and easily understandable deposition. Are there worries about witness coaching? Even if you do have concerns, you can still maintain control over this concern by having an associate attend for the purpose of preserving the integrity of the witness. Does every participant have access to high-speed internet, and these days, who does not? If you have answered yes to these questions, you are the perfect candidate to participate in an international videoconference. If your deposition will require an interpreter it is still possible to handle your deposition by videoconference, it is best however that the witness, interpreter, videographer and court reporter all be in the same room.

The experience of Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm will give you peace of mind when it comes time for you to schedule an international videoconference deposition. To present evidence of our expertise in providing this service I will describe our experience in a videoconference deposition that we arranged in Reykjavik Iceland with the opposing counsel in Mobile Alabama. The case involved matters pertaining to a prosthetic leg and the inventor and developer were located in Iceland. The witness was an engineer for the company and spoke good English. The companyĆ­s attorney flew to Iceland on a Sunday and met with his witness the next day, Monday. The court reporter and videographer, both from Alabama flew from Birmingham into Reykjavik on that Monday. Prior to this time, the very able scheduling department of Eagle Court Reporting had arranged with a hotel in Reykjavik, who offered video conferencing technology, to reserve a small conference room for the witness, attorney, court reporter, and videographer. The other attorneys who were involved in the case met at a hotel in Mobile, which also offered the technology capable of hosting a videoconference.

The videoconference deposition was scheduled for Wednesday and at the appointed time, all parties, both those in Iceland and those in Mobile, Alabama were in place and the connections were made between the two places on separate continents and the deposition began. As is normal, the questioning attorneys in Mobile began their examination and had perfect video and audio of the witness. The deposition was completed without a hitch and all parties were very happy with the entire process that Eagle Court Reporting had made available to them through the process of international videoconferencing. The Mobile attorneys had side-stepped the cost and inconvenience of having to travel overseas, but at the same time we’re able to complete the deposition as if the witness had been sitting across the table from them. Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm can produce the same results for you. Whether the need to schedule a deposition is in Europe, Africa or South American or if you need to schedule a deposition anywhere in the United States, you can handle every aspect of your need for a court reporter, videographer, translator or to simply have an audio recording transcribed. You can count on Eagle Court Reporting anywhere in Alabama including the cities of Huntsville, Birmingham,

Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Mobile or the capital city of Montgomery. Our group of Alabama court reporters will make themselves available for you anywhere you need for a deposition exists. Eagle Court Reporting has offices to serve you in the cities of Montgomery, Auburn and Mobile, Alabama. We also have a network of reporting firms across the entire nation. So, no matter where you are conducting a deposition, Eagle Court Reporting will be there for you. Our records indicate that many attorneys travel into our state and have a need for court reporter in Montgomery, Alabama. With the state capital being located in Montgomery, this city naturally is the center of much litigative activity. With Eagle Court Reporting located in this hub of activity we and our fine staff of court reporters are naturally familiar with the legal atmosphere of the area and can certainly help with any logistical question, you may have if traveling in from out of state. Finally, if you do have a need to schedule an international deposition give Eagle Court Reporting a call.