Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm offers its services across the entire state of Alabama and indeed across the southeastern region and the entire United States. If you have a need for a court reporter to take a deposition or mediation or arbitration or any type of hearing or public hearing, you need to look no further than Eagle Court Reporting. Our outstanding group of well trained, certified and vetted staff of court reporters will give you a final product that is the exact verbatim product of whatever type of meeting you are having recorded. The court reporters which make up our group of court reporters comes from many backgrounds of experience. One of the reporters spent eleven years as a reporter for a circuit court judge and on a daily basis recorded the trial proceedings for his courtroom. In addition, she would be required to produce a verbatim transcript of the proceedings whenever the result of the trial was appealed by either side of the trial, whether it be the defense or the plaintiff.

The transcripts would have to be produced in a timeframe set by the court which was usually a three or four-week turnaround for final production of the transcript. After the transcript was finalized, the appeal process would continue to the appropriate court of appeals. This particular reporter also would occasionally provide her reporting services for other judges within the circuit. This may require her to travel to nearby counties or districts. Her responsibilities would be basically the same as in her home circuit, however the rules of the court may vary slightly wherein she would adjust to the local rules of the court. Her flexibility in this regard prepared her greatly for her roles as a court reporter at large as she would become as a reporter for Eagle Court Reporting, which is an Alabama court reporting firm. Another of our reporters grew up in the Birmingham area and has been reporting worldwide for twenty-five year or so. This reporter makes his way primarily across the state and has reported some of the most complex cases that have been litigated in this area. His expertise includes medical malpractice, personal damage and environmental impact cases.

He trained at Prince institute in Montgomery, Alabama which is the city where an office of Eagle Court Reporting is located. His knowledge of the most intricate workings of the legal field will assure that his final product will be a document that you can take comfort in knowing that it is a true and exact copy of the deposition which he is reporting. In addition he has contacts across the nation and can certainly assist in scheduling a deposition in some of the more out of the way places of rural American where most court reporting firms will not be interested in assisting you.

Alabama Court Reporting | Getting What You Need From Us?

One thing you can count on is that Eagle Court Reporting will be more than willing to assist in scheduling your deposition no matter where it may be. Our reporters have gone into the most remote corners of our nation to provide the services which attorneys may need in carrying out their duties of representing their clients. Whether it be in the wiregrass region around Dothan or Geneva or Opp or Troy or the Tennessee River valley area in towns such as Gadsden or Valley Head or Arab or Boaz. You may even find yourself conducting a deposition in the Blackbelt region of Alabama or Mississippi. Towns like Eutaw, Greensboro, Tuscaloosa, Aliceville or Demopolis may be a town where your deponent is located.

If that is the case, Eagle Court Reporting, which is an Alabama court firm can certainly handle all the details in scheduling your deposition and finding a location if you need help with that aspect of the process. Another reporter for our firm has recently joined us in providing the outstanding service we are known for and she comes from a background of providing transcripts of hearings and administrative meetings for county and state government proceedings such as board hearings or employee-related hearings and appeals. Her ability to take notes from a meeting where numerous people are involved in the conversation and discussion is a talent that comes from a vast experience of providing this type of service. She also excels in courtroom situations for both state and federal courts. She has experience in working with several judges and is attuned to the different personalities that come from the various judges. Again, this top-notch reporter can provide you with a transcript that will be a verbatim document of your deposition or hearing. As you can see, Eagle Court Reporting can handle any special needs you may have in your particular situation.

The need to book a deposition across the state of Alabama can be totally fulfilled in one simple phone call or email by contacting this Alabama court reporting firm with its three office locations across the state, but with the ability to take care of your deposition needs no matter where they may be. The reputation of Eagle Court Reporting can be viewed by simply searching google and you will see that our numerous five-star reviews should tell you all that you need to know as far as choosing the best Alabama court reporting firm. No matter where you need to schedule a deposition just call our firm and you will receive a five-star service that we have become known for. Anywhere in the nation you will receive the best service and easy source of booking and you can always bet that your court reporter will be at the appointed site and will be there on time to provide the top-notch service you deserve. Not only will the appointment be met on time, but you can also count on receiving your transcript on your schedule and will meet you demands for promptness, for a next day expediate or the standard ten-day turnaround. You will never be disappointed with our service.