There are so many different types and subjects of litigation throughout the year that invariably require the help of a court reporter and sometimes a videographer. Eagle Court Reporting a premier Alabama court reporting firm will give you outstanding service no matter the subject of the litigation. As a matter of fact, Eagle Court Reporting which has several locations across the state is accessible with one phone call or even a simple email to office@ eagle court This method is most often used since by employing the method of email gives both the lawyer and the court reporting firm a trail to help clear up any questions which may arise regarding the scheduling phase of deposition. The comforting aspect of booking your deposition with Eagle Court Reporting is that our expert staff will take every measure to assure that your deposition is handled in the most professional way and our court reporters will be at the proper location and at the appointed time as scheduled by your office. Your paralegal or scheduling secretary will immediately find that our scheduling personnel is friendly and anxious to answer any questions your staff may have.

In fact, our main scheduling person has over 30 years of experience in working at one of Mobileís’s largest plaintiff firms, so she has a tremendous understanding of every aspect of scheduling and taking a deposition. Last-minute request are not normally a problem as we have court reporters ready and on standby to assist you. Regardless of your location, Eagle Court Reporting will work tirelessly to assist with your deposition and then will do whatever is necessary to meet your deadlines and timeframes. The normal turnaround is ten days but if you need the final transcript sooner this Alabama court reporting firm will meet your deadline. We understand that you may have a rush in order to meet a court filing deadline or perhaps in order to complete and file a brief within the courtís schedule. The three offices of Eagle Court Reporting located in Montgomery Alabama, Auburn Alabama and Mobile Alabama enable us to cover the entire state, especially when we work closely with our affiliates in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Huntsville. Having certified, vetted and experienced court reporters in these cities gives us complete coverage across the state with personnel that will give you peace of mind in knowing that your transcripts will be prepared with the greatest degree of expertise and care.

In case you have to schedule a deposition in some of the more rural areas of the state, do not hesitate to call us for towns such as Demopolis, Tuskegee, Dothan or Muscle Shoals. We cover the four corners of the state with expert court reporting services. In addition to providing court reporters, we can also assist with arranging facilities such as conference rooms or hotel rooms as a place to conduct your deposition, mediation or arbitration. Also, many attorneys have come to know and appreciate the benefits of video conferencing. This feature is available in most areas and generally is limited by a lack of internet service capable of supporting the necessary internet speed. If you choose to conduct your deposition by video conferencing you can let us know and our expert team will make all arrangements to set you and all attorneys who will be participating in the deposition. You no longer will have to travel to the site of the deposition nor will you be required to spend days away from your office in order to attend the deposition, mediation or arbitration. The benefits are great for those depositions which are out of town and require you to spend your valuable time out of the office. Eagle Court Reporting which is an Alabama court reporting firm will set up your first video conference for free just to show you all the benefits that this service offers to you and your staff.

Just be sure and let us know that it is your first job with Eagle Court Reporting and we will comp the expenses associated with the video conference. Another service offered by us is videoing your meeting, hearing, mediation, arbitration or deposition. Our videographers are equipped with the most modern equipment and will provide excellent video and audio reproductions of your meeting. Many times the deponent may not be available to appear in a courtroom setting and by having had his or her deposition videoed you have their testimony in a format which you can present to the jury in a controlled environment wherein you are in complete control of the testimony that that particular individual may have given. By having the deposition videoed, you can produce clips of important testimony which can be extremely influential and effective in swaying the opinion of the jury. Another feature that you may find helpful and a service that our Alabama court firm offers is to have the video and written testimony synced which presents the written transcript along with the video and audio of the testimony. If you have an interest in this service you can contact our staff for the cost of this service.

The cost is minimal and benefits far outweigh the cost. So many factors favor the scheduling of your depositions with this Alabama court reporting firm. The ease of scheduling, the total coverage, both within the state and nationwide, the fair and equitable pricing schedule, the absolute best reporters in the industry who will provide you with a perfect transcript of your deposition in a timely fashion and the full range of services offered. One service I may have failed to mention is the repository which is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. This allows full access of your transcripts, exhibits, and videos. To access this service, you and your appointed staff will be given a login and password which will allow you full access to every deposition taken in any particular case. This service will be available to you no matter your location.