Alabama Court Reporting provides customers with expert litigation support, coupled with different services to make it easier for our clients. We have in house videographers and legal photographers who are devoted to their craft and dedicated to producing a perfect product. Choosing to have a video deposition could be the key to winning your case. Video and audio can pick up on things that the court reporter alone may not be able to catch in their written word. Body language and mood/tone change can give you more answers than text can.

As well as videography, we also provide video conferencing ability through Zoom. Zoom is computer software that allows for video chats and conferences with multiple attendees. This software is compatible with all computers and easy to use. Youíll never have to worry about traveling far and wide for your depositions when you book with Eagle Court Reporting. We understand that traveling for a deposition is time consuming, stressful, and it takes valuable time away from your use of time at your office. We are here to make the process easier or you.
If you do have to travel, we have conference rooms conveniently located in all regions of Alabama, from Mobile to Huntsville. Our conference rooms are fully equipped with internet connection and ready for video conference. At Eagle Court Reporting, our goal is to provide you, the client, with over the top services that exceed your expectations every time. Many companies arenít able to do this, but Eagle Court Reporting wonít fail you. Do you have a deposition that you need turned in the next day? No problem. Eagle Court Reportingís reporters will have it to you fast, and with an accurate transcript you can trust.

Our staff works hard to focus on each and every clientís specific needs. Nothing will go unnoticed by us here at Eagle. Our production department is diligent in producing your transcripts, carefully making sure nothing is left out. Eagle Court Reporting is widely known for its level of customer service, and we are devoted to making sure that every customer, whether they are a recurring client or a first time customer, has a pleasant and satisfying experience with us. Our wonderful team of hard workers at this Alabama Court Reporting Firm will always go above and beyond to surpass your expectations. You can always count on Eagle Court Reporting to be there to answer your questions or concerns. We believe we have the best court reporters in the state of Alabama here at Eagle Court Reporting. They are trained well to be able to meet any type of criteria.

Alabama Court Reporting | Getting Your Results Today?

When you have been working with a court reporting firm that did not give you the services you needed, itís hard to find trust that another one will. You can feel secure knowing that Eagle Court Reporting will always turn in a job on time, always have accurate transcripts, and never deny a service request. Eagle Court Reporting isnít part of a big corporate company with different offices around the state. Because of this, we have the freedom to work closely with our clients and get to know their individual needs. If you ask anyone, theyíll tell you that Eagle Court Reporting is the place to give your business. Alabama Court Reporting firms canít do what we do here at Eagle.
Our highly experienced reporters and staff at Eagle Court Reporting will always put you first. We are always prepared for last minute calls and requests. As well as videography and video conferencing, we provide services such as exhibit linking, Day in the Life videos, legal photography, and more. We provide our clients with access to their transcripts and exhibits through our online repository, which can be accessed at any time, anywhere. We cover depositions nationwide, not just in Alabama. You can count on Eagle Court Reporting being there for you every time you need us.

Depositions are an essential part of the litigation process. That is why you can trust Eagle Court Reporting to deliver you the most accurate transcripts. We understand how stressful litigation is, and we are here to make the process simpler for all parties of a case. Our vetted reporters will always turn their work in on time, and you can trust that there will be no grammatical errors or misspellings in any of their transcripts. Our top priority is to focus on the client and their satisfaction with our service. We will never give anything less than the best. With over 30 years of experience, our owner is dedicated to helping our customers have the most satisfying experience they can have with us. Every time you call, youíre sure to get a friendly voice on the phone. Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama Court Reporting firm is truly the best money could buy. Why waste your time choosing anyone else?

Our team of top-notch professionals work day and night to ensure client happiness and that the quality of work turned in is at its best. Serving our community and beyond is our passion here at Eagle Court Reporting. Our service is unparalleled to any other. You can walk away knowing that you have received the best quality transcripts at the most affordable price. All of our reporters are certified through the NCRA (National Court Reporterís Association), so you know you have a professional handling your work. Our reporters understand the importance of preserving the spoken word, and how it can directly impact your case. That is why you should choose Eagle Court Reporting every time. Other Alabama Court Reporting firms just donít get it like we do. We promise to give you the highest standard of work, so you never have to worry about inaccuracy. We are willing to work with you on any problems that may arise. Eagle Court Reporting will always provide you with the best service, and nothing is too out of reach for us to handle. We would love to hear from you!