Locating a trusted Alabama court reporting firm could be a problem if you are not familiar with Eagle Court Reporting which was established in 2014 and from the beginning has had its sights set on being the best and most trusted Alabama court reporting firm. By contacting Eagle Court Reporting, you can rest assured that your deposition needs will be handled in a professional, prompt and accurate manner regardless of the subject matter of your litigation. Our staff of court reporters will always be no time and will guarantee professional service for all your depositions. Also, location will never be a problem with scheduling your deposition as Eagle Court Reporting has conference rooms located in Montgomery Alabama, Auburn Alabama, Birmingham Alabama, Huntsville Alabama, Dothan Alabama and Mobile Alabama. Eagle can also offer deposition services in the neighboring states of Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. Our reporters are RPR certified and are licensed to provide certified transcripts within the United States as well as internationally.

In addition to the aforementioned locations, Eagle also has access to facilities across the entire state either through affiliate Alabama court reporting firms or local county or municipal buildings. Regardless of your location needs for scheduling a deposition, you can give us a call and your matter will be handled in a professional manner and the results will be more than satisfying for your firm and clients. Also, if you need assistance in reserving hotel accommodations or if you need to have ground transportation, we can also assist with those scheduling arrangements.
What makes using our services so logical is not only our combined experience in court reporting but also our friendly staff will always stand ready to offer top notch services in providing every aspect of special logistical requirements you may have while you are away from your office. This can include state of the art video conferencing arrangements, photography for site inspections, foreign language translators and even catering services if you wish to work through lunch while continuing with the deposition.

Alabama court reporting firms have many requests for depositions or arbitration hearings or mediation hearings in areas away from the larger cities of Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Mobile. Many of the county seats are hotbeds of litigation action and because of the lawsuits filed in these smaller towns, the need often arises for court reporters to take depositions in the remote areas of the state. Towns such as Camden, Selma, Greenville, Enterprise, Chatom, Arab, Guntersville, Anniston, Ozark, Prattville, Clanton, Troy, Lafayette, Lanett, Tuskegee, Phenix City, Hamilton, Tuscumbia, Alex City, Aliceville, Centreville, Jasper, Cullman, Hamilton, Columbiana and Decatur is a partial list of towns that have been the locations of depositions and spots where Eagle Court Reporters have been called on for depositions. Often times many of the court reporting firms will not provide service in the more rural areas, but Eagle Court Reporting will do its best to have a reporter at any location where a need exists.

Alabama Court Reporting | Giving You The Run Around?

If you google Alabama court reporter you will find we have listings in Auburn, Montgomery and Mobile Alabama. By having these three offices located strategically across the state we can offer paramount services to our clients as well as services for those who need to book depositions whose office is not located in Alabama. At Eagle Court Reporting we welcome inquiries from anywhere across our nation and will always strive to provide the many services which we offer in a highly professional manner. For those not familiar with the many services offered by Eagle, here is a list from which you may select the needed service you may need. First and obviously, we offer court reporters to take standard depositions, arbitrations, mediations, court hearings and proceedings and any type of administrative hearing for which a recording of the meeting is required. Secondly, our top tier videography department can cover any aspect or type of a proceeding which needs to have a visual recording. Not only does this include a typical video, but Eagle also offers video conferencing which allows the parties involved in the deposition to be physically located in different locations around the world and at the same time have the impression of being in the room with the deponent.

If you are searching for an Alabama court reporter in an attempt to locate someone to video a ìday in the life ofî situation, our group of outstanding videographers can provide that service as well. Just recently an Eagle Court Reporting videographer captured an individual who had been injured in a work-related accident and could no longer provide basic care for himself. This video proved very beneficial when presented to the jury in a courtroom setting. Weddings and family reunions are other examples of situations wherein our videographer’s talents have been utilized. At times you could have the need for an interpreter if the deponent speaks a language other than English. A cache of interpreters located across the southeastern region of the United States enables to locate and schedule a person who can properly communicate with the deponent and allow for a smooth linguistic transfer of thoughts.

In the case a client requests real-time writing for their deposition, the reporters associated with our Alabama court reporting firm has the training and capability to meet those requests as well. Not only are these CART writers available for depositions but also spend a great deal of time utilizing their talents at local special needs facilities especially in an environment of persons who are hearing impaired. Many public meeting settings now require that the facilitator provide captioning capabilities in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This Act has increased the need for CART writers across the board and has offered many additional employment opportunities for those who have the talents and knowledge to offer this service. Also, our photography department will accompany you on-site to provide shots of accident scenes, fire damage, shootings, robberies or any other scenario which you may have a need to visually record.