For someone exploring a career opportunity, you may be intrigued by the profession of Alabama Court Reporting. One of the first questions, most likely is what does a court reporter does, what does a career as a stenographer look like and how much can I earn in this profession. First, a career as a court reporter may be attractive to someone who is interested in the criminal justice field. With a proper degree, a court reporter can perform a wide variety of jobs in the judicial arena. Most importantly, their primary function would be to record the proceedings of a courtroom setting and the verbatim recording of depositions. Court reporters will also be called on from time to time to record public hearing, mediations, and arbitration hearings. A service that is becoming more and more requested is that of providing closed captioning for the hard of hearing as well as translator services. A court reporter who works in the judicial system will spend a great deal of their time recording the spoken word that occurs during court proceedings. This will include every word that is spoken by the judge, attorneys and witnesses.

Eagle Court Reporting provides this type of service across the state of Alabama and also the entire Gulf Coast region. The outstanding reputation this Alabama court reporting firm has built through the years makes us one of the most sought out firms by the southeastern judiciary. Offering court reporting Montgomery Alabama, Auburn and Mobile, Alabama through our offices in these cities, the convenience of using Eagle Court Reporting has become a routine activity for many of the judicial systems within the state. After a court proceeding, the court reporter will routinely prepare a transcript of the proceedings which will, in turn, be delivered to the judge and each of the lawyers involved in the case. Every word must be transcribed as it is spoken in the courtroom and proper grammar is expected throughout the document. The verbatim transcript will then be certified by the reporter and it will, after review, be certified as the official documentation of the court proceeding. A court reporter preferred by the court will normally be expected to have good personal skills. An ability to communicate properly with those around them is certainly a positive attribute. They must stay well organized and be able to exhibit excellent time management skills. This comes into play as the court will impose deadlines on the production of transcripts. Many court reporters enjoy the pressure that may come in high profile cases, which may be on the news, either television or the internet. The reporters of Eagle Court Reporting realize that it is their responsibility to provide a true and accurate transcription of every case with which they are involved.

Their writings are essential to the members of the judiciary. In addition to work in the courtroom, the court reporter will find themselves working as a freelance reporter. Attorneys and some large corporations will hire independent reporters to provide transcripts of depositions or hearings that take place. On the corporate side, this becomes extremely important when they may be involved in negotiations of contracts or labor disputes where an accurate transcript can be vital.

A court reporter will have to make some equipment purchases in order to carry out their job. At a minimum, he or she will have to acquire a stenograph, which is their most important tool in performing their work. In addition to the stenograph machine, a laptop computer will be necessary along with appropriate software which will assist in the preparation of their transcripts. A stenograph is a specially designed machine that writes in syllables or phrases by stroking certain keys. These strokes are then converted to words and sentences through the use of computer software known as a CAD program. Through advances in software, the reporters of Eagle Court Reporting, which is an Alabama court reporting firm can instantly produce written words from the spoken words. You can see through live streaming events on your television. This is known as CART which is an acronym for communication access real-time translation. This asset is especially beneficial to the hearing impaired, which now enables them to understand what is being said in the proceeding. It has also found a useful setting in providing closed captioning for television programs, or for translations of foreign languages. In these situations, it is not uncommon for the professional reporter to conduct their work from the comfort of their own home and work on a schedule which accommodates their particular lifestyle. Within the past few years, this process of CART writing has become very attractive to young mothers who choose to stay at home with their children and at the same time earn a very attractive salary. Eagle Court Reporting offers our services including CART writers to assist with whatever your court reporting needs may be. You will find that it is very easy to book a deposition with us through a simple telephone call, an email to office or through our website, Also, our multiple office locations across the state give us the advantage of meeting your scheduling needs anywhere across the southeastern region of the United States. We also will travel anywhere within our nation either in person or we can facilitate your deposition with one of our network affiliates.

If you need a court reporter in central Alabama, you can rely on our Montgomery court reporter office to not only provide a certified court reporter, but we can also assist with our state of the art conference room located in the capital city. To the east, our office located in Auburn has reporters who routinely travel to points both north and south and even into Georgia. The need for an Eagle Court Reporting stenographer in Dothan, Tuskegee or Gadsden can be handled from this office. And if your plans include deposition in south Alabama, our well-staffed office in Mobile will be there for you to provide a fill array of court reporting services. You cannot go wrong if you call Eagle Court Reporting.