Court reporting is a very satisfying career for so many reasons. Not unlike nursing, the opportunity for employment opportunities is practically endless if an individual is willing to work hard in developing a clientele and providing accurate and timely production of their work. For the most part, attorneys prefer the security of stability in their stenographer and court reporting firm. At Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm our court reporters will provide all the parties involved in a deposition with an accurately prepared transcript that has been checked and checked again for accuracy in every aspect of the spoken word as it is written by the court reporter. Our reporting firm is the most google reviewed court reporting agency in the state and the average rating is five by all of the people who are familiar with the services provided by Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm. If you were to review the statements made in response to the outstanding service offered by our Alabama court reporting firm, you will find statements such as ìoutstanding service,î ìhighly professionalî and other statements which indicate a high level of satisfaction with every aspect of the product which Eagle Court Reporting provides.

Many court reporting students may train in one state and plan to live in another state due to a higher demand for court reporters in a particular area. At the present time, there is an extreme shortage of court reporters in California and Texas. A person who is willing to set up residence in one of these states will find that their services are in high demand. A newly graduated reporter could easily earn in excess of one hundred thousand dollars per year within a short period of time. It is not unusual for a student who is willing to apply themselves to complete their schooling requirements within a couple of years. The requirements to receive a temporary certificate is normally expressed in an ability to pass an exam which displays an ability to type two hundred and twenty-five words with a ninety-five percent accuracy.

Once certified a student is qualified to work on a temporary license that is valid for a period of eighteen months. This gives the reporter time to work and at the same time build their speed to a point where they are comfortable to take the state exam and once it is passed the reporters will receive their permanent license. At Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm our reporters have been fully vetted and certified with either a CCR or RPR designation. Either of these designations allows the reporter full authority to perform depositions within the state where they receive their designation. At last count, there are approximately four hundred and twenty-five certified reporters in the state of Alabama. So, as you can see the profession of court reporting is wide open to anyone who is willing to make a commitment of time and effort to complete the necessary training required in this course of study. The world is opened up geographically to the individual who has properly trained for a career in the field of court reporting.

At Eagle, which is an Alabama court reporting firm you will find that every service which you may have a need for is provided. From a standard deposition to setting up a videoconference, to a full-fledged video deposition. In addition to these items, you may also request real-time which allows you to see on a computer monitor the words as they are spoken. This is very similar to closed captioning which many have seen on televisions in bars, airports or other public places. This feature known as CART was developed to assist individuals who have hearing deficiencies or are considered hearing impaired. This service is also used as a teaching aid in schools across the nation. The multiple locations which Eagle has across the state makes us your one shop to fill all your court reporting needs. Whether you need to schedule a deposition in the northern part of the state near Huntsville, Decatur, Hamilton or Gadsden or perhaps in the central portion of the state around Birmingham, Tuscaloosa or Anniston we can handle your needs for any deposition you may need to schedule. In south Alabama, the experienced staff of Eagle Court Reporting, which is located in Mobile, Alabama will not only schedule your deposition but our professional group of reporters will provide you with an accurately and timely prepared transcript

that will give you verbatim presentation of the testimony given during the deposition. Not only do we provide our services in Alabama, but Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm has court reporters who are certified by the state court reporting boards in Mississippi. This allows us to fulfill the request for a court reporter in Mississippi. We have recently had request from law firms in Florida, California and New York to cover depositions in Alabama. To schedule our services you can call us at three, three four, four six, six eight thousand anywhere in the United States. You will be greeted by one of our staff who will be ready to answer any questions you may have about our full range of services. Normally all you will need to do is have your paralegal email notice of deposition to us and we can take it from that point. Once you are familiar with the services of Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm, you can simply send an email requesting our services with the notice of deposition attached and we will confirm that the deposition is going forward the day prior to the scheduled deposition. If the deposition is scheduled for Monday, our staff will contact your office on the prior Friday. Itís that simple a professional product produced by a professional group of outstanding people who have your interest at the forefront of their concerns. Nowhere else will you receive the high level of service that you will receive from our firm which is Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm.