Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm has for years provided the most trusted and reliable service for the legal industry in the state of Alabama and the entire southeastern region. Regardless of the specific needs and requests for depositions whether it be for a single deposition with no frills or if the specific situation may require a more deeply involved process you can count on Eagle Court Reporting to handle each requirement on a professional basis and will do everything within its power to meet your deadlines and timeframes. Having offices located across the state we are able to have a reporter or videographer to your site at the appointed time always being prompt according to your schedule. Whether your schedule requires an early morning deposition or late afternoon, early evening or even on the weekends and holidays, this Alabama court reporting firm will meet your schedule and timeframe.

Our reporters work tirelessly to provide your transcript at the location of your choice and at the date of your choice and in a prompt manner with zero errors being our goal. Years of experience will give you peace of mind that your deposition will be accurate and no matter how difficult the subject matter may be, Eagle Court Reporting will exceed the quality you may have received from other court reporting agencies which you may have dealt with in the past. The reporters of this Alabama court reporting firm will strive diligently to have your interest in mind as they prepare the transcript upon which you rely to represent your clients in the best manner possible. Whether you case involves car accidents, pharmaceutical matters, perhaps a product liability case, estate matters, insurance fraud or any other matter which may come up, you will have the best court reporter available when you call on Eagle Court Reporting to handle your depositions in the state of Alabama or anywhere else in the nation.

We will either travel to handle your deposition or if we are unable to go to your location we can arrange a video conference and we can arrange a local court reporter with whom we are affiliated. Through the years we have developed a large network of trusted and vetted court reporters and court reporting agencies and firms which we now have developed a familiarity with who we now trust to provide you with unquestionable service similar to that if we were conducting the deposition ourselves. We have developed these relationships across the entire nation and we are certain that they will provide the same service you would expect from our Alabama court reporting firm. Some of these firms are the larger national firms which you have probably heard of and may have not had the greatest experience, but by coordinating with our firm we handle all the production details and by being in constant contact with these national reporters, we are able to maintain more control over their work and will be able to produce the deposition to you in a more timely fashion. By having a more individual relationship with these reporters they do not necessarily feel the same pressure they may have that is placed on them by their employers.

The affiliates that I have spoken of also provide us with videographers when that need arises. However, at the same time, we have many videographers who are independent contractors and work as news cameramen and thereby receive much of their photography experience from the work with news crews and similar type situations. Regardless of their background, Eagle Court Reporting always performs a strict background check and vetting process to determine that they are worthy to be contacted by our firm to assist with their services. Whenever it is necessary to use an out of town contractor, be it a stenographer or videographer, the production side of the deposition is handled by the very capable staff of Eagle Court Reporting. We feel that by keeping this very important aspect of the total job local, we can ensure that the product you are receiving is absolutely top-notch and without blemish. A particularly important part of the video and deposition process is close management over the syncing of the deposition to the video. This process gives our customers a tremendous advantage in following along with the spoken word as well as the picture of the deponent. By tying the two together, you can more easily follow along with the flow of the deposition.

The syncing process also allows the jury to follow the flow of the witnessesí words as they were spoken. Video conferencing also has an aspect that may be overlooked when you are not accustomed to using this feature. What this does is to allow you as our client to remain in the comfort and convenience of your office or home, and at the same time question the witness who maybe thousands of miles away. All you have to do to schedule a video conference is to contact our able staff of this Alabama court reporting firm and give us the town or city where the witness will be and we can take it from there. We will not only set up the video, but we will also locate a conference facility for you and if we are unable to have a court reporter at the scene of the deposition, we will schedule with a local reporter to cover the deposition on our behalf. We will also work in assisting the parties on the opposite side with any accommodations they may need as well. Many times we will work with local hotels which have small conference facilities and this will work quite well in that any traveling attorneys can lodge at the particular hotel where the conference room is located. Any need as far as a deposition can be handled by the able and willing staff of Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm. Simply place a call to our office and you will not be disappointed with the results of the product provided by this outstanding firm.