The good news for court reporters and realtime writers is that there is no shortage of jobs if you are willing to travel and spend some time away from home and family. The need for reporters to fill vacancies for trials, grand jury hearings, mediations, and arbitrations is a common need across the country. At the present, there seems to be a high demand for those qualified to transcribe proceedings where there is a need to have a verbatim transcript produced and to perform real-time captioning and other services where speedy accurate writing is necessary. Court reporting, such as that found at Eagle Court Reporting, is a particularly valuable job though the court reporter is often overlooked due to their obscurity in the courtroom. The skills of court reporters at Alabama court reporting firms are in high demand, and due in part to the shortage of this highly skilled profession, a court reporter can fetch an annual income of an amount in excess of one hundred thousand dollars if they can become involved with the ìrightî law firm that schedules multiple depositions a week. When working full capacity, the Eagle Court Reporting court reporters will write hundreds of thousands of words per week and in excess of several millions of words in the span of a year. Freelance court reporters often earn three dollars and twenty-five cents a page that contains twenty-five lines.

It is not unusual for a deposition transcription to reach 200 pages, which would allow the court reporter to invoice an amount in excess of six hundred dollars for the original transcript alone. In addition to the original transcript, more often than not, there will be orders placed for copies by the opposing counsel. This can greatly inflate the amount earned by the court reporter. The assistant campus director at the Long Island Business Institute said the money earned can be phenomenal. She went on to say that students normally arrive at her school with zero experience with the stenograph which is comprised of twenty-six keys for stroking the words with letter combinations of letters. The technique is not called typing but instead writing and court reporters must reach a speed of two hundred and twenty-five words per minute in order to pass a test and be certified. At the time they are certified they can at that time enter the professional field. While an effort has been made to automate the court reporting profession, this effort has been rejected to a large part because of the need for a human touch.

By an audio recording alone, it can be very hard to distinguish between speakers and words can be muffled. The talents of the court reporter are necessary to distinguish and sometimes interpret slang which may be used by the deponent. While the sacrifices to have become a certified court reporter can and will be difficult, the rewards certainly justify the effort that is required for this profession. We at Eagle Court Reporting reward our reporters by offering the best environment in which to work and providing an ample number of clients who schedule and notice depositions with our firm. Our Alabama court reporting firm has offices located in three of the major cities within the state. We are located in Montgomery, Auburn, and Mobile. We also have affiliate offices in Birmingham and Huntsville giving us complete coverage of the state and an ability to meet the request for a reporter at any city of town across the state. Our outstanding network of affiliates also provides the same outstanding services that Eagle Court Reporting has become known for within many of the law firms in Alabama.

This Alabama court reporting firm has the highest number of five stars Google reviews is an ample indicator of the high level of service and quality of the product that we have become known for since our establishment in 2011. As highly respected as our fantastic group of court reporters are, we also offer the same high level of videographers to preserve the visual aspect of your deposition, hearing, arbitration or mediation. Their knowledge of their field of work is unsurpassed in the state and the use of the most modern equipment yields a final product that will furnish great reward for you when you present the video in a courtroom setting. In addition to the video itself, the video is much more effective when the text of the deposition is synced along with the video. This step brings greater clarity to your presentation and gives you as the lawyer much more control of the witnesses who you choose to use in court.

Their testimony can not waiver if you have already reviewed their words before it is heard by the jury. Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm through its affiliation with Source One Legal Copy can also provide any other service which you may need for your courtroom presentation. From preparing and organizing your documents to arranging exhibits in notebooks and blowups. We can handle every aspect of your presentation. As stated earlier, Eagle Court Reporting due to its multiple locations with the state, can and will cover your every need for depositions to courtroom prep work. To schedule a deposition we have made it very easy for you. You can call us at the number listed on our website, you can book through our website or you can email us at You will not regret the outstanding work both in promptness and accuracy that you receive from this Alabama court reporting firm. We have been reviewed by over fifty people and all ratings have been a five star except one, which is a four-star. Based on our reviews it can only be determined that we offer stellar service through the ease of scheduling your deposition, in arranging a conference room if needed and finally the transcript which will be delivered to you in a timely and accurate fashion. Just ask the hundreds of satisfied clients who have come to depend on Eagle Court Reporting exclusively.