If you are looking for a court reporter in the Montgomery area, look no further than Eagle Court Reporting. Eagle Court Reporting has the best court reporting services in Montgomery and the entire state of Alabama. Being that Montgomery is the second-largest city in Alabama, there is a lot of litigation support needed there. We can assure you that Eagle Court Reporting will provide the best court reporting service to you and your firm. We have three locations around Alabama, and we always look forward to building long-lasting work relationships with clients who schedule with us. Alabama Court Reporting is fast, efficient, and provides quality products to all our clients, new and returning.

We pride ourselves on our team of hard-working staff and our highly experienced court reporters, who together will go the extra mile to ensure that our services are perfectly catered to our clients needs. We offer video deposition services as well as video conferencing and legal photography, so you can feel confident that we can take care of all your litigation needs. We understand that the holiday season is an extremely busy time of the year for everyone. Alabama Court Reporting is here to make the process of litigation easier for you. We offer a free online repository so that you can access your transcripts and exhibits any time in any place. We also offer free deposition scheduling online, and youíll even get a free video conference if you schedule your first deposition with us! Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us here at Eagle Court Reporting, a Montgomery court reporting firm. That is why we will always put the client first. Why settle for a court reporting firm that might not live up to your expectations and give you the services you need?

Eagle Court Reporting is a name you can trust in Montgomery. We will always provide service you can count on for a price you can afford. All our reporters are NCRA certified before they come to work for us, so you know you are getting an experienced reporter when you book with Alabama Court Reporting. We are prepared for any circumstance that may come about, such as a last-minute deposition coverage request. Not only do we cover Montgomery and the whole state of Alabama, but we cover the entire country too. We have sent reporters out of the state for depositions and have had success with such jobs. Our clients are so happy with the work we do, we guarantee you will have a top-notch experience with Eagle Court Reporting. Court reporting is an extremely important step in the litigation process. Court reporters are the record keepers of every bit of dialogue in a legal setting, and it is extremely important that there is a reporter that can handle the caliber of work that is requested.

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Alabama Court Reporting provides the best of the best when it comes to litigation support, and our hundreds of five-star reviews can prove it to you. We know that you and your firm want your work turned in on time and as accurate as possible, so we make sure we have a reporter who can do that for you. You can trust that Eagle Court Reporting provides the best service in the Montgomery area. We have a friendly and hardworking team of professionals in our office that are ready to put their skills to work to give you the service you need and on time when you need it. We have an in-house team of videographers that work to make sure your video depositions have clear audio and video. We produce all of our videos in-house also, so you never have to worry about missing video or audio clips. Hundreds of our clients say that Eagle Court Reporting the best court reporting firm that they have ever worked with. Eagle Court Reporting is dedicated to our work and we will continue to uphold the highest standard of litigation support in the business.

We use the highest quality technology and tools in the industry to ensure that every client has a quality product to look forward to. Alabama Court Reporting has an educated and professional staff, and youíre sure to get a friendly voice on the phone when you call every time. Eagle Court Reporting, a Montgomery court reporting firm, is always one step ahead of our competitors. The litigation support industry can be quite competitive, and that is why Eagle Court Reporting is prepared to beat other court reporting firms to give you the best most personalized service offered in the Montgomery area. We also offer legal copy and printing, exhibit linking and scanning, and many other services that other court reporting firms do not. There is a reason that Eagle Court Reporting is the leading court reporting firm in Montgomery. We are locally owned and operated, and our owner has over 30 years of litigation support experience. You can feel safe knowing that our staff at Eagle Court Reporting is trained and kept up to date with the technological changes in the industry.

Our owner keeps us well versed on the ins and outs of court reporting and our reporters and staff are experienced and diligent with their tasks. We even make ourselves available after hours to speak with you. We put client happiness over everything else here at Alabama Court Reporting in Montgomery. There is no task too big or too small for us to handle. We take the time to get to know you and your needs, and we build long-lasting professional relationships with our clients so that they receive the most personalized service for them. We strive for greatness at Eagle Court Reporting and will accept nothing less than the best from our staff and court reporters. When you choose Eagle Court Reporting, youíll never have to look for another court reporting firm to take care of your litigation support needs. We would love to hear from you!