Court reporting is extremely important to the process of litigation, however, it is a dying art. The average age of a court reporter is somewhere in the 50ís. The demand for court reporters is gradually increasing, especially with technological advancements this day in age. Of the already small percentage of court reporters in the U.S., an even smaller percentage are real time reporters. Real-time reporters are trained to instantaneously transcribe dialogue into an easily readable document. Our reporters here at Eagle Court Reporting are extensively trained in real-time reporting, which could be the key asset to winning your case. Without real-time reporting, the stenographer must translate the dialogue themselves from a series of letters into comprehensible English words. Our real-time reporters at Alabama Court Reporting are trained to handle accents, fast speakers, slang, made up words, slurring, and soft speaking, to name a few things. They also need expensive equipment, high skill, complete focus, and a lot of prep time.

Real Time Reporting allows attorneys to ask the most relevant questions pertaining to their case and review the answers theyíve received. When you request a Real-Time Reporter, you are guaranteed a high-level reporter. Eagle Court Reporting only uses the highest level reporters in the state. When you schedule with us, you are guaranteed someone who has all the experience listed above. There is no wait time when you use a real time reporter, so cases can progress much quicker than normal. Choosing one of our real time reporters at Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama Court Reporting firm also guarantees all parties in your case access to the same written testimony and instant viewing of case information. Eagle Court Reporting also offers CART Reporting as well as real time. CART stands for communications, access, real time, translation.

CART Reporting is mainly for the hearing impaired, and it lies mainly in educational settings. Hard of hearing students in college benefit from CART reporting, as they can have a reporter attend the class with them and transcribe the notes that are given for the student to read. Whether you need a real time reporter or a CART reporter, Eagle Court Reporting has you covered. You can always trust that Eagle Court Reporting will go above and beyond to provide every service you may need. When you schedule with Alabama Court Reporting, you even get a free video conference with your first deposition! After using Eagle Court Reporting, we guarantee that youíll never schedule with anyone else. We have reporters in all regions of the state such as Huntsville, Auburn, Birmingham and Mobile. Eagle Court Reporting also covers across the country.

Alabama Court Reporting | Making Sure To Report It?

If you are traveling to Alabama and you need a reporter in Opelika, weíve got you covered. We understand that traveling for work is stressful. That is why Eagle Court Reporting does all the work for you. We will have our reporters travel to YOUR location, not the other way around. We promise to uphold the industry standard of technology and provide the most high quality court reporters in the state of Alabama. After you choose Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama Court Reporting Firm, youíll have no reason to go anywhere else for your litigation support needs. Based on our hundreds of five star reviews from law firms in state and nationally, itís clear to see the top choice for court reporting services. We can handle any request, even extremely last minute ones. We had a last minute request for a reporter for a deposition taking place in Texas the next morning, and we were able to contact a reporter and get her on the next flight to Houston. The deposition took place and everything went smoothly.

This is just an example of how Eagle Court Reporting will take care of any request you have, no matter how big or small the task. Need a reporter AND a conference room location for your deposition? Look no further than Eagle Court Reporting. We have cozy conference rooms all over the state of Alabama, and even in other places as well. We offer the highest quality reporters for the most affordable price, and you can guarantee that you will have a top notch final transcript of your deposition. Our team of experienced professionals work hard to make sure our clients are well taken care of and all of their needs are met. Eagle Court Reporting is a one stop shop for all of your litigation support needs. Eagle Court Reporting truly is the best court reporting firm in the state of Alabama, and even in the country. We have a passion for what we do here at Eagle, which is why you can trust us to handle your work and have it turned around in a timely manner. Donít believe us? Read our reviews on Google.

Many firms locally and nationally say that we never disappoint. We promise that we will bend over backwards to ensure that our clients are well taken care of. We offer incentives for scheduling with us, such as our points program. Eagle Court Reporting is the only firm in the state of Alabama to take care of our clients in this way. Other Alabama court reporting firms just donít get it like we do. In a hurry to have your deposition back? Do you have a trial coming up? We understand how important it is to have your deposition back quickly. Thatís why Eagle Court Reporting an Alabama Court Reporting Firm is the best choice for all of your litigation support services. You can rest easier at night knowing that our team of passionate professionals will take care of the hard stuff, so you donít have to. We are the most trusted name in the court reporting industry. We have a passion for serving our community, and you can believe that we will get the job done right every time. We would love to hear from you! Give us a call at 334-466-8000 to speak to someone about scheduling your first deposition with us. Thank you for choosing Eagle!