In an era defined by technological advancement, stenographic court reporters remain the gold standard for capturing the spoken word. Itís not just that they produce the most accurate legal records, including capturing certain interpersonal nuances that digital recordings might miss. Nor is it simply because they are trained to handle complex procedures associated with trials and depositions. Reporters have been in this countryís courts since the early 1800s. Their tools have changed over the centuries from inkwells to stenograph machines, and more recently to todayís computer-aided transcription. Court reporters are indispensable to the legal system because they offer 21st-century solutions to unyielding situations that demand speed without sacrificing accuracy. They are certainly not relics of a bygone era. In recent years, court systems have struggled to contain costs. Even in courts that have been forced to implement more affordable methods of record-keeping, court reporters nearly always remain in place for complex civil litigation and felony criminal proceedings, because they are the most reliable in high stakes situations. Likewise, in the deposition setting, outside of the courts, where true market demand is at play, court reporters remain the overwhelming choice for attorneys because they know there is no substitute for what we do.

Very few of us understand the role of the court reporter in today’s litigation process. Many of us simply have an image of the court reporter as the quiet person that is always present when testimony is given. The court reporter has always been and remains the official keeper of the record, but there is much more that every lawyer and legal professional should know about Alabama court reporting and court reporters today. A few important points to remember is that a court reporterís skill and knowledge of technology can help you win or lose a case. All court reporters are totally different, and they do not all have the same skill sets or the same resources.

Today, many jurisdictions rely on independent court reporting firms to supply the court with court reporters or videographers. When booking your court reporter through Eagle Alabama court reporting, you might find that you are able to reduce expenses that way. If you are an independent reporter, that generally means that you work individually as a sole practitioner and work primarily for a limited number of clients. The second category of independent court reporters is the independent reporter who is affiliated with one or more court reporting firms, either as an independent contractor or as an employee of one firm.
Most of our Montgomery court reporters have the same resources that can be provided to you for any type of setting. All of our reporters offer an advanced skill set and experience level. Eagle Alabama court reporting ís reporters have all obtained considerable education and have a developed skill set to successfully perform at the highest level. Very few professions at any level are required to have a varied understanding of language, grammar, and the terminologies used by almost every kind of professional imaginable. Our Montgomery court reporters understand specific technical conversations of doctors and lawyers and engineers of all types. Additionally, the reporter must have current knowledge of technology and understand its potential impact and application within the litigation process, especially as it may apply to the recording, archiving, and retrieval of the record.

The fist thing our Montgomery court reporters had to do before working at Eagle Court Reporting is pass the exam for the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) Certification. To do this, a person must take dictation of testimony questions and answers at 225 words per minute. You are allowed 3.5 hours to transcribe your notes and a minimum 95 percent accuracy is required to pass their first level. Once our Montgomery court reporters achieved this certification, they were officially certified at Eagle Court Reporting. Because litigation often crosses state and jurisdictional lines, it is important to understand that what is usual and customary for Alabama court reporting services and transcript production or delivery may vary considerably from state to state or even between jurisdictions within a state. Eagle Court Reporting prices may vary depending on the specifics of the deposition. The page rate is the most universal measurement of cost. The cost is based primarily on as assigned value for each page of the resulting transcript and the primary way services are priced. By charging on a ìpage rateî basis, Eagle Court Reporting is able to control the price.

Eagle Alabama court reporting also offers a top of the line videography and production department. While much of the focus of court reporters is on capturing the spoken word through writing, there is another NCRA certified group that strongly complements the work of stenographers ñ certified legal videographers. As the name suggests, they focus on capturing proceedings through video. Legal videographers come from any number of backgrounds, but typically they have an appreciation of technology and are comfortable using video equipment and software. They might be new to the field, perhaps career changers, or experienced videographers comfortable capturing a wedding or producing a documentary. While the skills employed will differ, the ability to use a professional camera, an understanding of the importance of capturing the event first time, and an interest in maintaining their skills is paramount. As soon as a transcript file is sent in production begins with scanning exhibits to the computer and getting the transcripts printed out. We will send them across the country wherever they need to go. Most people like to order travel transcripts because it uses less paper so its not as thick for finding the exact page you need on the road. Our videographers pride themselves in the quality of the video by using high definition cameras and top of the line equipment. By entrusting your work in Eagle Alabama court reporting, you are assured the highest quality work in the business. If you donít choose Eagle Court Reporting for all your litigation needs, check out our highly rated Google reviews. Compared to other reporting firms Eagle reporting has been categorized as a top five Alabama court reporting firm.