If the need arises to schedule an Alabama court reporting firm, the best choice is to contact Eagle Court Reporting in Montgomery, Alabama. All your scheduling questions can be handled in one simple call including the scheduling a court reporter for a deposition, a hearing, an arbitration, mediation or any type of meeting or conference wherein the need to have a written transcript of the proceeding is required.
If indeed your work requires a visit to the Capital City of Montgomery, then you are in for a treat. In addition to your work-related responsibilities, you will possibly have an opportunity to experience the historical value of the city as well as the natural beauty of the river as it flows through the city center. From a historical aspect, take time to visit any of the numerous museums located within the city as well as those located on the cityís outskirts.

You may want to start with the Legacy Museum located on Coosa Street. This museum deals with pre-Civil War days of the slave trade and the mass incarceration of humanity. To quote one of the visitors to this impressive collection of information and artifacts, who said ìThis museum focuses on the inhumanity of mass incarceration from the institution of slavery to the mass incarceration of newly freed slaves and the; current incarceration of African Americans today.î Another quote from a visitor speaks to an area that could easily be passed by or overlooked, but points out an important reason for visiting this particular museum by saying ìabout the eras you donít typically learn about- primarily the pre-Civil War days of the slave trade, the hangings of the early 20th century and perhaps most provocatively race relations today regarding incarcerations of blacks.

Lots of interactive stuff like hologram slaves in cages that engage you in conversation, and videos of horrors of the prison systemî This is not a large museum but take your time and read and take in all it has to offer. There are things about our history regarding slavery and human trade that you may not know. Secondly, much of Montgomeryí’s early history centers around the many aspects of the cotton industry. In the early years of the nineteenth century, much of the land in Alabama was held by the Creek Indians. After the War of 1812 and the defeat of the native tribes, most of their land was ceded to the United States government. This vast cache of land was sought after by speculators who in turn placed much of this land in the Montgomery into agricultural practices and especially the production of cotton. In 1846 Montgomery became the capital city of the state of Alabama. By the mid-1800s, Alabama led the nation in cotton production, and obviously many ancillary markets sprang up from the cotton industry.

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After the Civil War, cotton remained a dominant industrial force in the south, and now sharecroppers became a prevalent occurrence across the Montgomery area as well as the entire south. The city of Montgomery flourished because of the growth and export business related to cotton. A variety of businesses grew in the area, including various manufacturers, brick production, railroad shops, cotton mills, carriage works, ironworks, breweries, distilleries, sawmills and other employment opportunities spread across the region. Moving into the early twentieth century, Montgomery was poised to be an economic leader in the south. Not only because of its industrial positioning but also because of the draw that it offered by holding its position of the capital city. The location of a federal courthouse also lent well to the influx of traffic and the need for more lodging facilities, such as hotels and apartments for those legislators who desired a more permanent housing situation.

As you can imagine, with the federal courthouse and the state capital being in the same city, an immediate need was realized for stenographers to record the judicial proceedings as well as the activities going on within state government. While many Alabama court reporting firms have been and are located in the Montgomery area, Eagle Court reporting now offers a one-stop-shop to fulfill every aspect of the job-related work required of a court reporting firm. Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm offers, of course, standard depositions for our clients, but in addition, you can have us set up video conferencing, real-time, normal video depositions, and have your transcripts in hard copy form, that being paper copies, or it can be provided in e-trans format. Whatever your need may be, Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm will follow your instructions to the letter to meet the requirements that you have in mind.

Another aspect of you visits Montgomery will be your culinary experience. There are outstanding cafes and restaurants located within and outside the city limits. Based on the type of food you may be craving, from Mexican, Italian, Middle Eastern, Oriental or just plain old American food, you can find the perfect place to fit the bill. The following is offered in no particular order but suggestions offered as places you will certainly enjoy. ìCentralî is located downtown in an old grocerís warehouse. It turns out sophisticated Southern fare and use fresh, regional ingredients. The food is recognizably southern, but global flavors from the Caribbean to Asian will be recognizable in many of the dishes. If you are looking for a meat and three, then Davis CafÈ is a good choice. This place is known throughout the city as a favorite luncheon diner. Specials include tasty smothered pork chops and southern fried chicken. You canít go wrong with any of the house specials. If you are looking for a BBQ joint, K&J Rib Shack is the place to be. Located on Court street, you will recognize it by its tin roof and a smoking grill out front. Pulled pork and chicken are lip-smacking good.
When you are in Montgomery and are using the services of Eagle, and Alabama court reporting firm, give any of these places a try. You will not be disappointed.