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No worries. We are available at any time to handle last-minute scheduling requests and after-hours calls. Eagle Court Reporting always calls to confirm a job the day before it takes place, so you never have to worry about your deposition being forgotten. Eagle Court Reporting is the leading reporting firm in the state of Alabama for a good number of reasons, and our Google reviews will tell you why. When you search for a court reporter in Alabama, Eagle Court Reporting is the first result youíll see, simply because we are the top firm in the state. We pride ourselves on our work and we can assure you that you wonít be disappointed. We offer a lot of services that other reporting firms donít, like a free video conference the first time you schedule with us. We also offer legal copy and exhibit scanning, so you can put your mind at ease when you schedule with us. We guarantee that you will get a top tier court reporter when you use Eagle Court Reporting for your litigation support needs. All of our reporters are NCRA certified, which means they have been trained adequately to perform exactly the tasks you need them to do. We understand the importance of having your depositions back quickly, and we can assure you that every reporter on our staff is prepared to work fast to get your work turned into you in a timely manner.

Enjoy taking your deposition in the comforts of one of our conference rooms with locations in Mobile, Auburn, Opelika, Huntsville, and Birmingham. If there is a location that we donít cover, we will make arrangements so that you wonít have to worry about finding a conference room. Eagle Court Reporting is different from other reporting firms in Alabama. Whenever you call us, youíre going to get a friendly voice on the phone every time. Whenever you schedule with Eagle Court Reporting, youíll always get a follow up email AND a telephone call. We value our clientís happiness, and we do everything we can to uphold our fantastic reputation of being the best Alabama Court Reporting Firm. Eagle Court Reporting is the best court reporting firm in Alabama. You will never be disappointed with our level of expertise. Our friendly and passionate staff always go the extra mile for our clients.

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You wonít know until you schedule with us. Put your mind at ease with our online scheduling system and free repository that allows you to access your documents whenever and wherever. Scheduling your deposition online saves the hassle of calling and the potential of not getting an answer right away, even though we at Eagle Court Reporting are always on standby for your deposition needs. We are only one call away. Can you think of any other court reporting firm in Alabama that does what we do? The answer is no. Look no further than Eagle Court Reporting for everything you need to prepare for your upcoming trial. Not only do we offer deposition services, we offer peace of mind. The stress of litigation can be overwhelming.

Thatís why Eagle Court Reporting has your back every step of the way. How could you possibly pick another Alabama Court Reporting firm? We have everything you might need. Exemplary reporters, exhibit scanning services, video synchronization services, and legal photography services, too. What other firm can do all of that? None. Thatís why you should always choose us. We are one call or one click away. We will work night and day to make sure our clients are happy and taken care of. Youíll never want anyone else covering your depositions when you schedule with Eagle Court Reporting. Our owner has over 30 years in the court reporting business and is even a videographer themselves. Because of his experience, you know you can trust us with your deposition needs. You wonít have to look any further than Eagle Court Reporting. We understand that the work day doesnít just end at 5 PM.

We know you stress about your depositions and trials even after you leave the office. When you schedule with Eagle Court Reporting, you wonít have to worry at all. Our current clients say that they couldnít pick a better reporting firm. That is why you should trust Eagle Court Reporting. We are locally owned and operated, not a big national chain of firms. We are fast and friendly and detail-oriented. We pay attention to things other reporting firms miss out on. We offer incentives for our clients, and even have a points program that they can participate in for the chance to earn prizes! What another firm can do that? The answer is none. We would absolutely love to hear from you! Thank you for choosing Eagle Court Reporting!