Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm will provide you and your firm with outstanding and professional legal services. Our staff of court reporters has compiled several years of court reporting experience which will offer you, as an attorney, a true and exact transcript of the deposition. Working across the entire state, you will never have to be concerned with whether or not the area where your deposition will be held is outside the coverage area of Eagle Court Reporting. Of course, as the attorney, you are aware of the responsibility of the court reporter in conducting a deposition. From the time the deposition is scheduled, we will take every step to determine that your experience with our firm is providing you with a totally delightful experience and your deposition is taken down and transcribed with the utmost of accuracy. The state of Alabama has many options when it comes to hiring a court reporting firm for your deposition. That is why you should look no further than Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm to provide a court reporter that will arrive at the location of your deposition on time and will help with any logistical matters which may arise. Our professionalism will give you peace of mind in knowing that our experience will give you the best overall experience for providing a one hundred percent excellent experience. Finding a court reporter who will not only present themselves in a professional manner and then providing a prompt and accurate transcript which will arm you with the ammunition you need in providing you and your client with the best information to properly represent your case.

Never will you have to worry that the transcript you receive from Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm is anything less than a one hundred percent accurate verbatim record of your deposition. So many law firms have come to trust the work of our court reporters that when a question arises as to who to call to schedule a deposition, the answer is automatic in arriving at who to call. Without exception, our Alabama court reporting firm is by far the number one requested firm by a group of law firms located in our area of operation. Throughout the years that we have served the legal industry throughout Alabama and the adjoining states, our reputation has continuously improved which is evidenced by our five-star google rating which exceeds every other court reporting firm in our area. When you consider your choices in selecting a court reporter, you should keep in mind the many excellent qualities that Eagle, an Alabama court reporting brings to the table. Not only do we have court reporters with unsurpassed experience in their field, but the large network of affiliates we have assembled across the state, region, and nation also gives us the unique ability to cover your deposition anywhere you may need.

In addition to providing excellent stenographers, we also offer so many other services that are not offered by other court reporting firms. If you decide to call Eagle Court Reporting, you will find that our document repository offers you great convenience in having access to all of your transcripts and exhibits all the time from any location where you may find yourself. Also, if you need a videographer we have an outstanding group of well qualified and trained professionals. More and more lawyers are realizing the great benefits that they can realize from having their depositions videoed. The attitude of the deponent is something that cannot be related in written words alone, but by having those same words viewable through the presentation of the entire process being videoed, the jury can get a clearer view of what may have been the true intent of the deponent. This can be invaluable when you are attempting to persuade a jury to agree with your point of view. Your case could actually hinge on the emotion which you are able to present through the use of a video.

By having us to sync the written word with the video is an additional service we offer which makes the understanding the video even more understandable to the jurors. Many attorneys have told me that they were able to convince a reluctant juror of the facts they were using to get a favorable verdict. If you are outside the state of Alabama and if you need a court reporter for a deposition, Eagle an Alabama court reporting firm has offices located across the state which offer full service for you and your firm. Our offices are located in Auburn, Montgomery, and Mobile and each office is staffed with fully vetted and certified court reporters. The many county seats located in counties around each or our offices, each with a courthouse and various amounts of litigation, all offer a need for court reporter services. The need for a court reporter in Greenville, Alabama or Prattville, Tuskegee, Evergreen, Clanton or Camden can all be handled by Eagle. An Alabama court reporter is much more adept and familiar with the judiciary process for their home state and offers the best choice for furnishing you with a quality product to help you with the process of moving your case forward.

Eagle Court Reporting also is a preferred provider for many of the national court reporting brokerage houses. The high degree of professionalism which we exhibit has caught the attention of many of these national firms and in turn has led them to contact us for local participation in those areas where they do not have an established office. The fact that they have been successful in contracting their services to meet the legal needs of the large corporate conglomerates has actually enhanced the presence of Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm across our area. Their acknowledgment that they trust the work of our firm is a further indication of the most highly regarded professionals in our field. Another indicator of the overwhelming qualifications of our firm is the ratings provided by our many clients. We have, as of today, received more google reviews than any other court reporting firm in our state, further giving merit to our claim as one of the best firms in the state.