Courts have relied on the use of an Alabama Court Reporting or a stenographer to keep accurate recordings of proceedings for decades, and some of the first transcripts date back to 63 B.C. Court reporters are highly and diligently trained on the preservation of the spoken word, and its transformation into a written document. Eagle Court Reporting has the highest trained professionals in the court reporting business. Eagle Court Reporting, founded in July 2011 in Mobile, AL, quickly spread across the entire state of Alabama, from Mobile to Huntsville. Our reporters are accurate, reliable and on time with their turnarounds, and we assure you that you will always be satisfied when you choose Eagle Court Reporting.

Our reporters here at Eagle, an Alabama Court Reporting Firm, produce accurate transcripts and are available to travel anywhere, even in another state. Our reporters are prepared for any job such as depositions, trials and hearings. We provide a multitude of services, including electronic versions of the transcripts, video depositions, and video conferencing abilities. You can trust Eagle Court Reporting to be friendly and always on time. Our owner has over 30 years of experience in the court reporting industry, so we will always provide our clients with the highest level of service.
The duties of a court reporter go far beyond simply transcribing the spoken word. Not only do they attend depositions and hearings, but they can also work with deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals to turn speech into text. Court reporters must be extremely devoted to their work, and they must be able to concentrate and work for long periods of time without stopping. You can count on Eagle Court Reporting reporters to be well qualified to have your job done right every time.

Our staff is friendly, and we will always put the clientís needs first. We are hands-on, and we strive for the satisfaction of each of our customers. We have conference rooms located throughout the entire state of Alabama, so you never have to worry about finding a place to hold your deposition. With our video conferencing abilities, you can even take a deposition from the comfort of your own office. Our reporters are willing and prepared to travel, even if there is a last-minute request. We ensure that each of our clients will be 100 percent satisfied with our work here. Eagle Court Reportingís mission is to provide the most high-quality services for our customers. Although our priority as an Alabama court reporting firm is to serve our state, we serve nationwide.

We offer video deposition services, which could be the essential key to winning your case. Video depositions allow you to pick up on body language and voice inflection that goes unnoticed in a written transcript. Eagle Court Reporting also offers digital copies of transcripts and exhibit scanning that can be digitally transferred. We understand that hard copies can be lost, and that in this day in age, paper is becoming obsolete. The use of technology is becoming more and more popular and often times it makes the process of litigation much simpler. If you still prefer your documents the old-fashioned way, Eagle Court Reporting will work with you no matter your needs. We strive to uphold the highest level of client satisfaction in the court reporting industry. Eagle Court Reporting offers a free online repository with full access to transcripts and exhibits at any time. This software is called RB8, which is the industry standard for court reporters and clients alike to use.

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We offer video synchronization services, which is helpful in winning your case. Video synchronization is the combination of video, audio and text, which makes the process simpler for presenting in trial. Our videographers are trained professionals who you can trust to get it right every time Alabama Court Reporting. All synchronization and timecoding is done in house, so you can feel confident that you will receive a high quality product on time. Eagle Court Reporting never denies a customer service, no matter how big or small your case. We have had many of our customers come from other court reporting firms because they are no longer satisfied with the work they do. You can really tell a difference with Eagle. We offer many extra services that other reporting firms donít.

We are extremely devoted to customer and client care. We will go the extra mile and be with you every step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction. Eagle Court Reporting has some of the most vetted and experienced reporters in the state of Alabama. With Eagle, you canít go wrong. We are locally owned and operated, not within a chain of firms around the U.S. Nothing beats our level of customer care. Based on our hundreds of reviews, it is clear that Eagle Court Reporting is the best choice for Alabama Court Reporting Firms. You can feel safe knowing that you will have your deposition ready when you need it.

Our online web repository also offers the ability to access your deposition from anywhere, even after business hours. We are always on call to handle every single need of our clients to ensure satisfaction. Firms everywhere recommend us, and our reporters dedicate themselves to producing accurate work every time. Our owner has many years of litigation support experience and is always teaching us new methods and helping us provide the highest level of care for our clients. We can assure you that you will not be unsatisfied with our services. Eagle Court Reporting will never back out of any request. We are committed to excellence and strive to uphold that. It is our mission to fairly provide all parties of a case with the most accurate transcripts on time.
You can contact us at any time from our toll free number (334)-466-8000, or fill out and submit a form on our Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you! You can also schedule a deposition online or on our website. Thank you for choosing Eagle Court Reporting!