Deposition work is not at all easy. It takes skill, dedication, patience and experience to be able to do the work that a court reporter does. Only the most qualified court reporters work with us here at Alabama Court Reporting, a Montgomery Court Reporting Firm. We employ the highest quality reporters, and we will not accept less than the best. A good court reporter could be the key to winning your case, and that is why you should schedule with Eagle Court Reporting. Based on our reviews, it is clear what Montgomeryís top choice is for court reporting firms. But we donít just serve Montgomery, we serve the entire state of Alabama, and nationwide. We have a team of hard-working professionals that are on call to make sure that your job is done right every time. You canít ever go wrong when you choose Eagle Court Reporting. Montgomery is the second largest city in Alabama and our stateís capitol.

Because of this, we provide a lot of work for attorneys in Montgomery. Everyone we have partnered with has said that we are the best court reporting firm that they have used to date, and we have built long lasting work relationships with such people. Eagle Court Reporting prides itself on our ability to keep clients. Itís no secret that we have the best court reporters in the state. We will always go the extra mile for our returning clients, and especially new ones. Eagle Court Reporting knows that it is easy to have a court reporter that doesnít always turn their work in fast, or that doesnít produce an accurate transcript. You can count on Eagle Court Reporting to always have our jobs turned in quickly and efficiently, and with great accuracy. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our work that we are even offering a free video conference when you book your first deposition with Alabama Court Reporting!

You canít get better service than that. Eagle Court Reporting, a Montgomery Court Reporting Firm, promises to uphold our standard of providing great litigation support services at the most affordable price for you. Not only do we offer deposition services, but we offer exhibit linking and scanning, legal copy, and videography services too. When you choose Eagle Court Reporting, you will never have to look anywhere else. Other Montgomery court reporting firms just donít get it like we do. Litigation support is our passion here at Eagle Court Reporting. With an owner with over 30 years of experience in this field, you can be assured that our staff is well versed in the world of litigation support and court reporting service. Eagle Court Reporting is locally owned and operated with offices in Montgomery, Birmingham, Auburn, Huntsville and Mobile. We also have conference rooms available for you to take your deposition comfortably, without having to travel too far away from the office.

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We understand that time spent away from the office is also time away from other important tasks that need to be done. Eagle Court Reporting has conference rooms located throughout the entire state, so that you can choose the one closest to you. We offer in-house legal videography and photography services, and our videographers are top notch. We produce everything in-house as well, so you donít have to worry about files traveling between computers in cyberspace. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us here at Eagle Court Reporting, which is why we will take the extra steps to ensure that you get a perfect product. Need us to find a reporter for an out of state deposition? No problem. We cover not just Alabama, but the entire country. We have flown reporters out of the state for last minute Alabama Court Reporting and our clients have been very satisfied with our willingness to comply with their last-minute requests.

Eagle Court Reporting values its customers so much that we even offer incentives for scheduling with us. You will never be dissatisfied when you choose Eagle Court Reporting, a Montgomery Court Reporting firm. Whenever you call us, youíre sure to get a friendly voice on the phone every time. Our dedicated staff is standing by waiting for the opportunity to provide great court reporting service to clients new and returning. The demand for court reporters in Montgomery is high, and you can count on Eagle Court Reporting to be there to cover your jobs every time. Our passion is providing Montgomery and the entire state of Alabama with stellar legal services and litigation support, and we plan to do just that. You can trust Eagle Court Reporting. We will always be there every step of the way so that you are one step closer to winning your case. Our court reporters are NCRA certified, so you can trust that they are experienced and vetted. The most important part of any litigation process is the keeping of the record.

Because of that, Eagle Court Reporting only provides the best Alabama Court Reporting in the Montgomery area. Our reporters are fast and accurate with their transcripts. That is why people love us at Eagle Court Reporting. We truly are the best court reporting firm in the Montgomery area. Donít believe us? Look at our many reviews and see for yourself what other firms are saying about us. Eagle Court Reporting will go far beyond your expectations with our wide array of services that we offer, and incentives for scheduling with us. We have a points program, and if you schedule your first deposition with Eagle Court Reporting, you get a free video conference! Every time you schedule with us, youíre sure to get a friendly voice on the phone. We take care of our clients, and thatís why you can trust Eagle Court Reporting for all of your litigation support needs. We would love to hear from you! You can give us a call at 334-446-8000, or send us an email at We hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for choosing Eagle.