From time to time a need will arise for a translator to assist with a deposition. If your deposition is planned for anywhere in Alabama or even anywhere in the United States you can solve your need for a translator with one simple call to Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm. For many years law firms and attorneys have come to rely on the many services offered by Eagle Court Reporting including the need to locate a translator. Due to the diversity of languages and dialects and even the occasional need to assist a deaf person having been noticed to appear for a deposition, a translator or signer can be located and scheduled by one simple call or email Eagle Court Reporting.

This Alabama court reporting firm has many companies that can be contacted to provide a translator or signer according to your special request. Our services include over 150 languages and dialects and have been found to be some of the best and most precise around the southeastern United States. The most common languages which are needed to translate in Alabama are Vietnamese, Cantonese and Spanish. After the Vietnam war, many displaced citizens from that country immigrated to American and especially areas along with the coastal states and established commercial fishing businesses. For the next several years their population increased and many of the Vietnamese fishermen became very successful with their businesses. This, in turn, leads to litigation situations over the years due to accidents and other legal disputes. Since many of the original refugees have not learned English, they are unable to communicate in a setting such as a deposition, arbitration or mediation.

Naturally, this has led to the need for translators and because Eagle Court Reporting has become a leader in provider and facilitator in providing translators. A similar situation has occurred in north Alabama with the chicken industry. First and foremost, this business is very dangerous for the front-line workers who are involved with the slaughter and preparation of the chickens. Many mishaps happen on an almost daily basis especially in the live hang section where the use of knives and saws is used in the completion of their jobs. Serious cuts will sometimes lead to litigation as the processing plants are blamed in some capacity for the accidents. This leads to litigation which in turn leads to the scheduling of depositions. As many of the workers who work in slaughter facilities are of Hispanic origin and in the U.S. on a temporary visa, they may lack a full command of the English language. This is where Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm can be of great assistance. Our extensive network of translators will provide the service you need to conduct your deposition and you can be assured that your questions and the deponentís answer will be properly and accurately translated for the court reporter to transcribe. No matter the complexity of the questioning, the years of service that the translators possess will never waver or lack the proper translation which is spoken during the proceeding. Translators for many other languages are available upon request. Normally we request that you make your request at least forty- eight hours prior to the time for planned deposition, arbitration or mediation. In fact, any type of meeting including public forums, hearings or council meetings is some examples of functions wherein translators have been provided. You can have full confidence that our group of translators can be a tremendous asset to whatever event you may have planned no matter the language.

In addition to translators, Eagle Court Reporting offers a full array of services to meet the needs of your firm. This Alabama court reporting firm can arrange conference facilities as a location for your deposition. We have locations in Montgomery, Auburn and Mobile equipped with the most modern equipment to arrange video conferencing or a deposition conducted over the phone. In addition to these three locations, we have access to many other spaces in other cities located across the state and region. Instead of your staff spending time locating a suitable space for your deposition, all you have to do is give Eagle Court Reporting a call and your worries will be over and every aspect of your deposition will be professionally handled. Videoconferencing has become very popular over the last couple of years. One reason being the improvement in technology. No longer is there the long lapse in voice transmission as existed before. Now due to increased internet speed, there is practically no lapse in the video and audio portions of the proceeding. The benefits are many from this improved technology.

Primarily, especially for the non-scheduling attorney, you now have the option of virtually attending the deposition anywhere in the world and never leave the comfort of your office. Not only is this invaluable in considering the amount of time saved, but also tremendous savings can be realized in transportation costs. You no longer have to purchase a ticket for air travel or hotel expenses, nor do you lose the time away from the office. Truly these savings make you, as an attorney, more effective and efficient in conducting your job and in representing your clients. Finally, the aspect of Eagle Court Reporting we think you will be most impressed and satisfied with is the quality of our court reporters. Our goal is to treat each client as if they are our only client, thus ensuring individual service unparalleled in the court reporting industry. Each of our experienced, certified and vetted court reporters will provide you with a transcript that will be provided in a timely fashion based on your needs and will be professionally prepared and accurate. There is no need to consider anyone other than this Alabama court reporting firm to provide every aspect of your deposition, no matter the location. Any special need you may have can be handled by the very able staff at Eagle Court Reporting with offices located in three of the statesí major cities.