In an era defined by ever-changing advances in technology, stenographic court reporters continue to set the benchmark for capturing and producing transcripts of the spoken word. It is not just that they produce the most accurate legal records, including some undetectable mannerisms that digital recordings may miss. This is one reason that you may consider contacting Eagle Court Reporting for all of your deposition needs. This Alabama court reporting firm with three offices located across the state in Montgomery, Auburn and Mobile is an outstanding firm that offers all the services of the modern court reporting firm. This includes a full slate of outstanding court reporters who are certified and registered to meet all the requirements of the Alabama Court Reporting Association. You can be assured that Eagle Court Reporting will provide you with a top-notch professional reporter. Our reporters, whether located in Montgomery, Auburn or Mobile will fully train to meet all of the complex situations which may arise during a trial or deposition. Our reporters are indispensable to both you and the legal system because they offer twenty-first-century solutions to unyielding situations that demand speed without sacrificing accuracy.

They are certainly not relics of a bygone era that some may consider because of the advances in technology. The court reporters of Eagle Court Reporting, an Alabama court reporting firm, are able to filter their shorthand through computers to the court system, attorneys and interested clients with instantaneous legible transcripts through the use of computer-aided systems. No other technology can close to providing this service known as real-time. In normal practice, the notes taken during a trial, deposition, hearing, mediation or arbitration is produced at some timeframe based on the needs of the court or attorney. The request for the transcript to be produced may be a next day turnaround or it could be a much as ten-day to two weeks. The court reporter will be instructed of the time frame at some point during the deposition or court proceeding. With real-time reporting, the words of the proceeding are instantly translated into readable English and the text scrolls across the monitor, much like captioning on television. The advantages of captioning are obvious for the court system, but this system is extremely useful in the case of those people who are hearing impaired. In recent years, it seems that court systems are constantly struggling to contain costs and providing proper funding. Even where court systems must cut costs, and search out costs containing methods, in most cases it is the court reporter that stays in place, especially for complex civil litigation and felony criminal proceedings, because the value of the court reporter has been established as being the most accurate and reliable in high stakes situations. Also, in deposition situations and outside the courtroom, when true market demand is at stake, the court reporters of Eagle Court Reporting remain the overwhelming choice for attorneys because they know there is no substitute for the service the court reporter provides.

One thing remains clear, a human being must be present in a courtroom setting or deposition in order to filter out external noise, difficult to understand accents, speakers talking over each other or many other considerations that may occur. Recording devices will record every sound, whether they are words or not. Eagle court reporters will record only the spoken word and will produce a clear and exact transcript. A machine alone cannot do that. In order to give each defendant or client a fair ruling, it is imperative that a clear and legible transcript be produced and that can only be done by use of a certified court reporter. If the need arises for a Montgomery Alabama court reporter, a call or email to Eagle Court reporting can solve your scheduling needs. The hearing-impaired segment of American society is the largest group of disabled persons. The Americans with Disabilities Act states that all citizens must be able to participate equally. With so many elderly people included in this group, the service offered by CART writers allows all the hearing disabled the opportunity to participate in movies, television, theatre and other activities where hearing is important. If you consider the fact that those who have hearing disabilities face many of the same situations and challenges that those face with full hearing abilities. By having a real-time reporter available some of their fears can be eliminated.

If you need a court reporter in Montgomery Alabama for a court hearing, deposition or any other type of hearing and your hearing requires the use of a real-time reporter all you have to do is call Eagle Court Reporting which has offices located in Montgomery, Auburn, and Mobile. In addition to the three offices just mentioned, the network of court reporters we have developed across the state of Alabama and indeed the entire nation allows us to serve your deposition needs wherever we may be needed. In addition to the standard or regular reporting that is utilized in most depositions or other settings and the availability of CART reporters, Eagle, an Alabama court reporting firm offers a first-rate videography department which can preserve the expressions and emotions of the deponent in addition to the written word. Another service offered is the syncing of the written transcript to the video. This can be especially useful in a courtroom setting by clarifying the witnessesí testimony by having the text appear alongside the video with facial expressions and emotions. This has proven to be a very effective tool in courtroom strategies.

If you are in need of a court reporter in Montgomery Alabama always give Eagle Court Reporting a call. The outstanding service you will receive is unsurpassed in the court reporting industry and this can be reviewed by visiting our website at You can check out the testimony of several of our clients as they express their opinions as it relates to the service received when they made the call to Eagle.