Stenography is an ages-old profession that dates to as early as 63 B.C. Stenographers, also known now as court reporters, have the important task of keeping the records of everything said during a deposition or a trial. This is extremely important to the business of litigation because it is essential to have everything documented and saved. A well-versed court reporter could be the key to winning your case. Eagle Court Reporting in Montgomery provides top-quality court reporting services at an affordable price for you. We are dependable, fast, and provide accurate transcripts that could help you win your case. Eagle Court Reporting in Montgomery has a passion for serving our community, and we value customer satisfaction over everything. We are always open to answering questions and receiving feedback about our services so that we can create a positive working relationship between us and your firm.

Eagle Court Reporting is locally owned and operated, not a national chain of court reporting firms. You can trust us knowing that youíll never get lost in the mix like other chain firms. Our owner has over 30 years of experience in litigation support, so you know you are in good hands. Eagle Court Reporting has a well-trained team of professionals ready to serve you and answer all of your pertinent questions. We have offices in Huntsville, Montgomery, Birmingham, Auburn, and even Mobile. We utilize RB8, the standard reporter based software used in the litigation support industry. Through RB8, we provide a free repository online that allows you to access your transcript and exhibit files at any time, in any place. RB8 also provides a free online scheduling system, so you can schedule your deposition with us without even picking up the phone, and we always call to confirm jobs the day prior.

Youíll never have to worry about your deposition being forgotten when you choose Eagle Court Reporting. We provide incentives for our clients who schedule with us. We have a points program, and you can cash in your accumulated points for treats, like a gift card to your favorite restaurant! We will even give you a free video conference if you schedule your first deposition with us! Choose Eagle Court Reporting in Montgomery, and youíll never want to choose another court reporting firm. We have in-house videographers that only use the highest quality video equipment. We utilize state of the art computer software and transcript production software so that you can have the best form of the transcript. Technology is ever-evolving, and that is why Eagle Court Reporting keeps up with the developments in technology. Technology is the greatest factor in our line of business and keeping up with the changes and updates is essential to us here at Eagle Court Reporting. Something that we value more than technology and accuracy is client satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with the work that Eagle Court Reporting provides you with, feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

We will do whatever we can to make sure that you are pleased with what we can provide for you. We love serving our community, and if someone isnít happy, we make note of that to make sure we can recover from our mistakes. You will never have to choose another court reporting firm if you choose Eagle Court Reporting now. We are a team full of friendly faces and we are always ready to be at your service. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle. Have a deposition out of town Eagle Court Reporting in Montgomery? Let Eagle Court Reporting handle it for you. Choose to hold your deposition in one of our comfortable conference rooms, located conveniently throughout the state and the entire country, so you never have to travel very far. Not only do we serve the state of Alabama, but the entire U.S. as well. We have proudly put court reporters on the last flight to another state to take their deposition, and the attorneys were very pleased with our diligence and attention to the importance of having one of our reporters there to take the deposition. Come see for yourself why people are raving about Eagle Court Reporting! We believe we have the best reporters in the state of Alabama. Youíre really missing out if you donít choose Eagle Court Reporting. There is no better feeling than finding a good reporter to cover your deposition or trial. Many of our reporters have gone on to work for the government because of their quick learning abilities and high skill level.

We are caring, fast, friendly and accurate Eagle Court Reporting in Montgomery. We stand firmly by our ten-day turnaround policy and will have your transcript shipped by the end of the ten days, or hand-delivered to your office. Finding a good court reporter is like taking a walk in the park with Eagle Court Reporting. We are proud to serve our community and beyond. All the staff and reporters at Eagle Court Reporting work together as a team to ensure that we are living up to our gold standard of service, and if our client is not yet satisfied, we will go the extra mile to change their mind. Eagle Court Reporting is the best reporting firm in the business. Donít believe us? Check out our hundreds of five-star reviews on our website. That will prove to you that Eagle Court Reporting is the best in the business. We do everything other court reporting firms canít, and plus, we are local! We have the best court reporters and provide the best transcripts in the Montgomery area. Come see why people from all over the country are talking about Eagle Court Reporting. We love to serve our community in Montgomery, and we would love to serve you too! We would love to hear from you. Give us a call any time at 344-466-8000 or email us at As always, thank you for choosing Eagle Court Reporting. We hope to hear from you soon!